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DX Programme Management Platform

MDEC DX Programme Management Platform featured image

The Problem

MDEC needed a professional vendor to develop an online platform to manage its Digital Xccelerator programme (DX). They require the platform to serve as an interactive and immersive brochure to market their programmes to their target audience.

Our Solution

MDEC DX Programme Management Platform screenshot

Visually-stunning web portal
We developed the DX platform on WordPress CMS with Elementor Site Builder. This enabled us to build a multi-device, multi-browser, responsive web portal visually and allowed rapid iterations to produce the final end-product.

Self-service Portal
We developed custom plugins to enable users to sign up for programmes, and track their progress in completing the respective programmes online. This self-serve feature is very effective in cutting out the manual work by MDeC as the programme custodian, while also enabling each programme owner to manage their own content and users.

Smart algorithm
At the heart of the web portal we developed a matching engine to connect the users with programmes suited to their needs. This engine matches the programmes, based on its eligibility criteria and the users’ metadata.