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KreatifyMe Online Learning Platform

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The Problem

Due to the imposition of theĀ  Movement Control Order (MCO) during the Covid-19 pandemic, the creative industry personnel has suffered the loss of income. They needed a way to generate side income for their families and dependents, right from within the confines of their homes.

Our Solution

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We developed an e-learning platform using open-source WordPress and the WooCommerce ecosystem, enabling creative industry professionals to contribute their skills and knowledge via online live classes.

KreatifyMe features some famous creative professionals such as the award-winning actor Nam Ron, audio engineer Winson Poon, cinematographer Tan Teck Zee and many more as mentors.

Interested members of the public can book, pay, and join live classes from esteemed mentors, all done fully online.

So far the platform has successfully gathered over 20 mentors and has reached over 200 eager students.