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Revamp 96 Portals for Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT)

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The Problem

Managing 96 different Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) websites is definitely not one easy task. Ensuring all new information and announcement are updated on time to ensure relevant information could be delivered used to be repetitive and time-consuming work. With so much work already in hand, a website can sometimes be the most forgotten task to update.

Our Solution

PBT Portal screenshot

Less Work More Time for More Important Task
Changing the old Content Management System (CMS) to Drupal is one brilliant decision that JKT has made. Not only it shorten content update process, but it allows for their team to integrate any digital marketing channel into the website.

The multi-site feature help synchronize content for all websites thus ensuring that no more updates are missing.

Budget Constraints
Handling 96 different websites and domains require a sum of money, plus yearly maintenance add up to the figure. As an experienced online solutions agency, we able to offer JKT a trend-setting solution that doesn’t cost a fortune.

ProBE 2016
To achieve a 5 star on ProBE 2016, JKT need a massive change on their websites to meet the strict assessment guidelines.
They need to ensure that the main 7 pillars of user satisfaction are to be met, which is site performance, functionality, content, navigation, search, transparency, lastly look & feel on the overall website. We work closely with them in getting the right mixture of the requirements without being over budget yet still meet dateline.