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SPAD Website Revamp & Hosting

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The Problem

Old obsolete website with unresponsive layout diminish SPAD’s reputable image as the respectable government agency. SPAD is a government agency that is
responsible for the impressive makeover of public transport services in Malaysia required a 360 degree overhaul for their official website.

Our Solution

SPAD website screenshot

SEO Friendly Drupal
The user-centric website powered up by enterprise-class Drupal 6, this SEO-friendly CMS push SPAD’s online presence to the top ensuring information is delivered well to their target audiences.

Separated Menu Bar for Specific
Segmented menu bars smartly break down information & contents to the different target audiences which are operators, corporate and public users.

Impactful UI & UX Design
Effortless design, and impactful UX, it is a website crafted through passion to simply provide users with the information they required.

OKU Friendly
SPAD is fully aware that they are obliged to cater to the needs of the Persons with Disabilities (OKU) as part of their target audience, thus we add our special touch which allows personalization of the website based on each disabilities users as a way to ensure that they can get the information without any prejudice based on disabilities.