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Takaful IKHLAS Revamp

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The Problem

Customer satisfaction is a number one priority to Takaful Ikhlas as the premier Islamic financial protection provider including its online presence image. Looking at the rapid development & changes in website trend, style, and interactivity, Takaful Ikhlas desire to revamp and renovate its official website by first separating the website according to the segmentation of target users and audience.

Our Solution

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Segmentation of Users
To cater to the needs of its customers and corporate users, the website is separated in order to systematically provide information that is important to each market segment. The content is now being crafted and published according to the needs and requirements of each section, thus less time is wasted, and improved audience satisfaction rate with the website.

User Centric Focus
UI and UX layout are planned ahead to improve user satisfaction rate with the website besides making it simpler to encourage usage and improve unique visitors rate. Contents are arranged in a way that encourages longer time spent on the website.

Clean User Interface
Product & services are arranged in a simple clean layout with images resembling their identity. The dominant green colour shows off their integrity and leadership in the industry.