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TNB FOMS featured image

The Problem

TNB are a diverse organization, and fibre optic are one of the division from TNB’s business. Due to the natural features of fibre optics that
are delicate and required full observance, TNB needs a complete system that could track and process the whole process of leasing smoothly, without any discrimination to quality performance.

Our Solution

TNB FOMS System screenshot

Quick Management
FOMS allows for quick access to all data and record keeping regarding the status of all the fibre optics from the lease status, payment of commission, current working condition, to the availability to lease, all in 1 system. It helps agents to have a quick check before they finalize it to their own clients.

Integration of Complex System
CGIS (TNB internal system that solely managed the well being of the fibre optics) & Finance department are both connected to FOMS. It allows any information to be instantly update to reduce delay, missing data, late payment and also to create a seamless process for TNB to track any suspicious activity with its fibre optics.

High Security
Fibre optics are very expensive and requires a high maintenance to ensure its safety. All information and accessibility to enter FOMS internal record keeping are made through various validation process from TNB’s team. All information stored in the system are secured with high security software features.