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TNB OBITS featured image

The Problem

Hard to understand, complex and the inflexible system has led TNB to totally revamp its internal KPI setting module/ performance measurement
module to encourage usage and to provide a fair evaluation to the staff.

Our Solution

TNB OBITS system screenshot

Flexibility for Greater Performance
Compared to its previous performance scale that focuses on competency, OBITS measures staff’s performance based on the outcome of the TNB’s goals. Consists of Tracking & Monitoring, Performance Dashboard, and Outcome Tree, it is a new KPI setting module that flexibly organizes staff
monthly report, and arrange their task and evaluation marks based on their total outcome to encourage efficiency & teamwork spirit.

Remarkable Touch of User Experience
The fundamental of technology is to make life easier, and so does OBITS new KPI system. Besides well performance and reliable back-end features, OBITS is created with the people in mind. User-friendly, easy to use, and additional tooltips to help first-time users with the advanced features of the website and definitely with eye-candy design/ look.

Smart Access
Smart access allows the administration to control staff/employees’ access to private & confidential information based on their position and needs to use the important information.