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The Problem

TNB has difficulty keeping its promises to settle each problem within time. This has increased user complaints and they know that they have to invest in long-term solutions due to its uncontrollable nature.

Our Solution

TNB OVIS system screenshot

Based on the continuous in-depth meeting with both parties, we finally propose a fully customized system built from scratch. The system helps with :

Tailor Made Solution
Built from scratch, OVIS 2.0 fit perfectly into the current system in TNB. Synchronize well with the customer service line, all the report regarding the over-voltage problem is stored directly and submitted for the next steps in the workflow. After the investigation has been made, the system will directly inform/alert Finance Department to pay for damages that occurred due to the overvoltage problem.

Exceed Customer
Beat up customers’ expectations by exceeding them and boost customer satisfaction rates through super fast services, payment is paid even before they could ask.

A Continuous Flow Of Organized Work Flow
TNB can use the information stored within the system to create proper future planning to manage the overvoltage problem. A good system should help reduce the potential problem in the future.